Lake Superior Posters

The health of the Great Lakes is in jeopardy due to a great number of human-created issues. Invasive species, microplastics, pollutants, and algae blooms have been among the number of detriments to the lakes. I believe that the first step to action is awareness, so I created a series of three posters that illustrate some of the main factors in Lake Superior's decline.

Sacred Objects

This catalogue is an exploration into the relationship of owner to object. 30 participants were asked to present their most precious material item and answer intake questions. Through direct photos and personal sentiments, this publication looks into how we assign meaning and how monetary value can be entirely detached from an objects perceived worth.


Inspired by my favorite diner from my hometown, I created a fictional rebrand for a restaurant called, "Uptowner". Using a fresh, airy palette to reflect the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the surrounding neighborhood, I gave this traditional Americana-style diner a new look.

Birth Control

Medical packaging can be disorienting, uninviting, and clunky in design. When it comes to illustrating the importance of a medication via its packaging, often something that feels antiseptic and unapproachable can actually work to frighten people away. What might birth control with a friendly, but still serious tone look like? How could I connect this product to the ever-advancing digital world? How might I streamline this product to encourage the consumer to carry it with them while reducing waste via reusable parts? These are the questions that I answered in my final design for a fictional birth control brand called Norestra.

Internship Work

Over the course of three internships, I have been tasked with designing everything from playfully illustrated Instagram stories and promotional gifs to flyers for intra-company distribution. Shown here are projects from working on UW-Stout's social media team and from my summer internship with Entegris.

Jane Eyre Re-Design

As a part of a class group project (called Bootleg Library) designed to give new life to out of print books, I re-designed the publication Jane Eyre. Using an assigned color and a typographic cover I created by using a found object, I put a new twist on this classic novel by Charlotte Bronte.

Sardine Typeface

Tasked with designing a display typeface, I created Sardine along with a type specimen booklet and poster series. Sardine is a display typeface designed for poster-use, bold headings, and eye-catching displays. A reference to the phrase, "packed like sardines", each letter is blown up to fill its space while featuring dramatic, organic cutaways.

Film Photography

Although generally considered outmoded in the digital era, I have a special place in my heart for film photography. These photos were taken on a trip to Switzerland and Italy with my Canon AE-1.

Wet Media

Aside from graphic design, I am very passionate about working with wet media like watercolors and inks. Drawing natural objects and observing landscapes and organisms plein air is my prefered focus. Along with traditional wet media, I also enjoy relief carving and printing.


I am a highly driven creative seeking a career in graphic design. I am currently a senior at UW-Stout where I am pursuing a B.F.A. in graphic design and interactive media. Aside from design, I enjoy illustration, reading, and hiking.

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